A Guide to Different Types of Table Lamps for Bedroom in UK

Want to beautify the space around your home and provide portable lighting at the same time when need? Then you will love the decorative touch table lamps. Don’t make the mistake of buying the first table lamp you see because you may buy the wrong one. We will show you the best touch table lamps in UK for bedroom later in this article.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of battery operated table lamps… There are the battery powered indoor table lamps and there is the outdoor table lamp. One is obvious used for outdoors and the other kind is meant to be used indoors. This is easy to understand, but there are some folks that need to be told this. Otherwise, getting these two types mixed up can lead to problems as you might guess.

Then there is the small battery powered touch table lamp. These are designed for places around the home or elsewhere where you don’t have access to an electrical outlet, but need a table lamp that doesn’t take up too much space. For those of us who want the latest bulb technology, there is now Battery Powered LED table lamp types you can purchase. We show you these types of lamps below.

Decorative touch table lamps for bedroom

Decorative touch table lamps provide the dual function of making that spot in your home nice to look at and also provides needed lighting where a regular electrical outlet isn’t available or close enough for a regular house powered table lamp to plug into without a long extension cord. These types of lamps are great for bedroom in UK. Decorative lamps come in a variety of designs, shapes and sizes. Some are traditional in style and some have the modern contemporary look. Different sizes are available to accommodate the various living spaces of shoppers for these types of table lamps.

decorative table lampsShop for a lamp based on where it will be placed or what it will be used for. If you are looking for a lamp to put in a bedroom, then you are sure to find a selection just right for it. If you will be using these types of lamps for doing some task, such as reading, then there will be plenty of those to choose from also. These types are lamps are meant to be admired for how they look. And they do function as a source of lighting so they are also very practical. You can not go wrong with these types of lamps because of their dual function.

Battery Powered Indoor Table Lamps

Battery powered indoor table lamps will allow you to provide lighting inside your home where you would have never been able to before. There may not be any electrical outlets in these areas of your home, because a long extension cord is inconvenient or adding an electrical line to the space is not within your current budget. Once you add these battery powered indoor table lamps to the rooms that need them, you will be wondering why you didn’t do so sooner. After all, what good would a room do you if you can not see where you are going or what you are doing in there? Getting these lamps in these rooms is a must for these reasons.

table lamp 2018Whenever there is a power outage, you will be glad you have these lights. They will act as backup lights when everything goes dark. And who knows how long before the power goes back on. Either be prepared for such an emergency or experience the inconvenience of fumbling around in the dark figuring out where everything is. While we are on the topic of emergency preparedness, it would be good advice to buy extra batteries for such a situation. By the time the emergency hits, it would be even more of a hassle to have light only temporarily before the batteries start to die on you.

Battery Powered Outdoor Table Lamp

A battery powered outdoor table lamp is great for use while camping. It beats holding onto a flashlight to light up the area you need to see in the dark. You can use these types of lamps to help you see what you are doing outdoors. You might be grilling or cooking a meal and will need to have lighting to see while you are eating. Be sure the outdoor table lamp you get is safe to use outdoors. It is no fun getting an electric shock when the weather turns rainy. Outdoor lamps should be design to handle various conditions of being outside. Look for lamps that are able to resist outdoor conditions.

Because these types of lamps are battery operated, they are extremely portable and practical for use outdoors. But do make sure you have a backup supply of batteries just in case you think you will be running these lamps for long hours. We don’t want you to be relying on these lamps and then they fail on you simply because they ran out of juice. Oh, and make sure you are using outdoor lamps for the outdoors. Don’t make the mistake of using a battery operated indoor table lamp outdoors.

Small Battery Powered Table Lamp

As the name implies, a Small Battery Powered Table Lamp is for use where a tall or bigger lamp would be impractical or inconvenient. These small table lamps are good for use in areas where you have limited space or an area that already has space taken up by other items. Usually, these lamps are small enough to be placed on a table or a desk. You can use these lamps mainly for general lighting. But it might not be practical to use these lights for very long for such things as reading because the batteries will not hold a charge for too long and the light may not be bright enough for this task.

These small battery operated table lamps can be used in other areas of the home such as the kitchen. You may need to have a light source that is a little closer to what you will be looking at and that is when these lamps come in handy. Small battery powered table lamps are very handy to have everywhere that might require it around your home, including the garage or basement. These lamps will do the job, when an ordinary flashlight would be too inconvenient to use.

Battery Powered LED Table Lamp

If what you are looking for is a light source that is bright and will last a long time, then you should check out Battery Powered LED Table Lamps. LED’s or light emitting diodes are semiconductors that give light when electric current passes through them. They give off very little if any heat and will outlast a regular incandescent light bulb. Which means you can rely on these lamps when you really need a source of light in an emergency.

LED’s cost more upfront than other light sources, but these LED’s use 80% less energy than a regular incandescent light bulb so you will be saving money in the long run. That means you can use the money you save for other things besides lighting. With the money you save you can buy more of these lamps to light places that need them around your home.

You can use these lights anywhere you need them in your home. They can provide you with general lighting in places where you need them when it is dark. Any room in the home that previously didn’t have an electrical outlet or wiring for traditional home lighting can now be lit with these types of table lamps.

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