Top Home Fitness Equipment You Can Buy

You don’t have to go to a gym to get into shape. With the addition of just a few cheap pieces of fitness equipment you can have your own home gym without breaking the bank.


The American Council on Exercise (ACE) named Kettlebell training one of the top fitness trends of 2009:
“The reason for the surge in kettlebell training is that it gets back to basic training that requires functional, whole body fitness. . . . a great way to get a whole body workout in a relatively short period of time.”

And since then kettle bell exercises have only increased in popularity. Workouts with a kettlebell are highly effective and they are also used in other kinds of workouts, like Crossfit.

A word of caution though: the proper technique is very important in order to prevent injuries. In order to learn, visit a professional trainer first who can teach you the basics before going all out at home.

Pull-up bar

A pull up bar is another important tool that is cheap and have lots of benefits. Check here for the best pull up bars of 2019. Doing pull-ups has a number of benefits:

  • Convenient: all you need is a bar. You could have one at home or use the monkey bars in a park. Having one of home of course is the most convenient.
  • Multijoint exercise: while doing pull-ups you exercise your arms, shoulders, chest and back.
  • Variation: by just changing hand position you can variate and do multiple targeted exercises without having to add weight.
  • Transferable strength: doing pull-ups increases upper body strength. That increased strength benefits other sports you might do.


Besides building strength, dumbbell exercises can give you a full body workout. Where in the gym you isolate certain muscles in your workouts, using dumbbells forces you to also use other muscles to stabilize yourself. And of course you only have to own a pair of dumbbells to do all kinds of workouts.

Word of warning: again proper technique is essential. The risk of injury by using free weights like dumbbells is higher than using weighted machines in the gym.

Exercise balls

Exercise balls are a great tool to strengthen and stabilize your core muscles (abs, back). One of the main advantages of using an exercise ball is that it supports your lower back while doing your workout. It’s one of the main reasons that physical therapists and chiropractors started using the ball for therapy. Another benefit is that the exercise ball forces you to stabilize yourself while doing a certain exercise, thus engaging several muscle types at once and is not just targeting one.

Fat-burning benefits of lifting weights

The fat-burning benefits of weight lifting exercises actually go on working even when you’re at rest. How can that happen? Because muscle cells burn more energy than fat cells, and strong muscles burn more calories than flabby muscles. They also store sugar as a source of energy for the next time they’re used.

Strength training, may include weight training and other weight-bearing exercises, involving working with resistance machines and free weights (dumbbells). However we recommend using the body’s own weight for example: push-ups, body-weight squats and chin-ups. In addition resistance bands are the best home workout equipment to use. Because they take up so little space at home (your living room is for living not to accommodate huge pieces of exercise equipment) and are portable enough to just pop in your bag and take to work, on a business trip or on vacation. Resistance bands are ideal for working on small muscle groups as smaller muscle groups are harder to train with traditional exercise equipment. Resistance bands are flexible so increasingly recommended by physical therapists to recover from surgery or from any injury.

Benefits Of Humidifier – Things You Should Know

Humidifier Benefits have been known to people for a while now, which is why growing number of home owners all over the world are getting them installed in their houses. If you are dreading the upcoming winter when you start noticing dry and itchy skin, heating costs that get blown out of proportion, not to mention many health-related complains then you need to seriously consider bringing a top quality humidifiers of 2018 for your home. Its myriad benefits will not only ensure comfort and well being of your loved ones but it will also end up saving you costs in the long run.

Many of us are susceptible to allergies on account of breathing polluted air we end up breathing every time we get out of the house. But do you know that the air that gets trapped inside your house is equally polluted, if not more? It ends up becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and allergens that can lead to breathing woes for your family members. One of the biggest humidifier benefits is the fact that it removes the polluted air from your house and brings in fresh air. Thus naturally you will notice a huge difference in your immediate surroundings.

Humidifier Benefits: Make a huge difference to air your breathe

Humidifier in many ways is a kind of air purifier that lets out trapped, polluted air in your house and replaces it with fresh air. What’s more, it makes your surrounding air moist, which has its own benefits. With the help of humidifiers you will be able to enhance the air quality in your house and it will work wonders in moisturizing your respiratory system. If anyone in the house has asthma they will find huge relief when you have a humidifier at home.

Humidifiers works by making the surrounding air of your home moist and humid. It in turns also moisten the mucus membrane thereby making many difficult for many germs and bacteria to pass through your system.  Your body immune system increases and chances of infections are reduced. Essential oils that have many benefits can also be use with humidifiers. Here you can check out some best essentials oil in India.

Humidifier benefits as they tend to reduce infections and offer relief from breathing-related woes. But there are many hidden benefits of having a humidifier at home. In winters when the surrounding air starts getting dry you start noticing dry and itchy skin, which can be extremely irritating. But thanks to a humidifier you will eliminate this recurring problem for good. Moreover other problems like nosebleed are reduced as well. Humidifiers also tend to reduce static electricity in the house thus you or your loved ones won’t be getting those nasty shocks while touching doorknobs and handles. Humidifier  also ensure that there is adequate amount of oxygen in your surrounding air and thus you won’t have complains like tiredness, lack of concentration and headaches, which are often because of lack of oxygen in the air you breathe. Read More

Tips For Caregivers and Showering Equipment for Seniors

In most cases, caregivers are usually family members who have a vested interest in caring for a loved one or are placed in a position where there is no one else to take care of the person. Also, most of the time they perform their care giving duties not for pay, but out of love, responsibility and respect for the person they are caring for. Knowing who are the caregivers in your family can help everyone be prepared when the need arises.

The types of care giving arrangements vary according to the need in the family, but can include caring for:

  • A spouse
  • An elderly parent
  • A brother or sister
  • An extended family member – aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.
  • A grandparent

Over the years we have seen a number of care giving scenarios when my mother took care of her parents in our home, my daughters helped out when their aunt prematurely died of a brain tumor in her thirties, my sister took care of our mother, and now my taking care of Dad.

While proximity to the person needing care plays a big part in caring for someone close to us, that is not always the case. My daughters flew from a northern state to a southern state to help take care of their aunt. I moved from Arizona to Michigan to take care of Dad.

In most cases caregiver duties are covered by one or two people. I’m thankful for the help I receive from my daughter who lives nearby and is an RN. She has been a great help to Dad and I over the past couple of years.

Care giving is extremely stressful, especially if the person is nearing the end of their life for whatever reason. There are several ways that family members can help lighten the load no matter how far away they live.

Equipment that helps elderly to take shower

Elderly and disabled people are most vulnerable in washrooms and hence they need special equipment to make their life easy. Here are some tools that you need to buy for your elderly.

Bath Lifts

Many may not what are bath lifts or any such tool exist. But it is very beneficial tool for elderly people for taking bath. A bath lift is basically a tool that raises and lowers the individual in and out of the bath tub. There are many types of bath lift, but mostly are powered by battery. Bath lifts comes with a remote control that can be use to lower or raise the bath lift in the bath tub. If you are looking for a top quality bath lifts in UK, the buy NRS healthcare. They are known to produced quality products in healthcare department.

bath lift chairs for elderlyOne of the most important benefit of bath lift is that it gives freedom to seniors and they no longer need someone to help them enter and take out from bath tub. The elders now have the power to bath whenever they wish. Bath lifts are also very safe and provides comfort while you take bath. They are also small in size and light in weight, which make them ideal tool.

Shower Chairs

Shower chairs are important safety equipment for the home and institutional settings. The shower seats are must haves in a handicap accessible bathroom, or for the elderly that have limited movements. The wet bathroom surface is a slipping hazard. Over-tub shower chairs are less portable and harder to move once in place, which may be an issue in some households. When a family member experiences difficulty standing in the shower, yet wants to maintain independence while bathing, consider these highly rated choices.

Now, there are different types of shower chairs for disabled and elderly, so you have to choose the right one. Sad but true the bathroom surface keep wet most of the times. Freestanding shower chairs are easy to use and generally require little to no assembly. Whether you are buying a shower chair for your own use or are a carer or family member looking after an elderly person, it’s important to be aware of the various steps to using a shower chair with safety. Featuring a wide textured seat, stable, back, and arms for support, its performance in showers and bathrooms is desirable. Even a fitted and the most sure-footed person can fall for lack of concentration. The stability feature has made the shower seat fully safe for users of various weights, heights and medical impairments.

Padding is optimal, while its high load capacity (300 pounds) is impressive for its price. You can adjust the legs from 15 to 21 inches. Its flexibility in design has also enabled the shower chair to be adjusted and can be easily assembled as well as dismantle without the use of tools. Therefore, it supports at most 400 pounds. The chair is curved, non-slip with strong handle. The price is also quite reasonable for such quality. Proper support is essential for stability while showering. Choose a shower chair with adequate back support and arm rests.  Depending on the type of chair, arm rests may be permanent or removable.

Bed Rail

A portable bed rail is any bed rail product or device that is attachable and removable from a bed, not designed as part of the bed by the manufacturer, and is installed on or used along the side of a bed. They can prevent bedridden patients and/or hospice patients from rolling or falling out of bed, and they can also provide support when you have difficulty getting into and out of bed or adjusting your position once in bed. Poorly fitting bed rails have caused deaths where a person’s neck, chest or limbs become trapped in gaps between the bed rails or between the bed rail and the bed, headboard, or mattress. Such rails should contain cross bars close enough to prevent the passage of the patient’s head or body part through the rail and fit closely enough to the mattress to prevent entrapment. It is important to consider the length of the bed rail when browsing for options.

Each of these bed rails has distinct advantages and disadvantages. This bed rail is also lightweight and easy to assemble. Bed rails are available in half-length, full length or shorter. Some install easier than others. The height and length are also just perfect for toddlers. As well, adjustable rails will lengthen and frequently make for the most convenient alternative. Others offer added benefits like storage. However, it is not as tall as the other bed rails so a 5-inch tall mattress or less is preferable. And the best thing about it is the price. Others are larger. You can have it at an affordable price! So, how do you decide which is the best bed rails for the elderly person in your life

Sharing the Responsibility

Most of us lead busy lives. We have our own kids, spouses, careers, homes, and other activities that fill our days. When the need arises because a family member requires care, it can literally tear a family apart trying to come up with a workable solution. Some family members will step up to the plate while others will turn their back and refuse to help out.

The need for a caregiver is typically a delicate situation. Often, a family friend or a doctor will be the first to contact a family member they know is close to the person needing care. It is often unusual for the person needing care to contact their family directly. They will likely not want to be a burden. Once you receive the call, it is time for a family meeting.

Get as many family members together as you can to find out what is going on. At this point, decisions will need to be made about continuity of care for your loved one. Here is where you might decide on hiring a caregiver or looking after them yourself. There are many options available, including in-home care and assisted living. Many in need of care are afraid they will be relegated to a tiny room in a nursing home. That is very often not needed. As a matter of fact, a nursing home is only needed when 24 hour medical care is required.

Sharing the responsibility and decision making also involves your loved one. They don’t want to sit on the sidelines in their own lives or be treated like a child. Ask them how they would like to see their care handled. Encourage them to be open and candid with you about their choices, and listen to their desires and their concerns.

No one wants to burden someone they love with their care. Remind your loved one that if the situation were reversed, they would take care of you. When you love someone, care is not a burden. Proper communication of these feelings is the key to resolving such touchy issues. Once resolved, the only issue on the table will be the care, which is as it should be.

Family care giving brings with it a unique set of circumstances. Approach the family with openness and love to find out who the caregivers are in your family. Once those decisions are discussed and agreed upon, the other issues during this difficult time will be more easily resolved.

How you can take care of elders with ease

Caring for the elderly – whatever you call your search for assistance for family members, friends, or yourself, you are on an important quest. Our goal need to be as their elder care ‘intermediary’ connecting you with trusted organizations, individuals, and resources that can begin to answer your questions and point you in the direction that best meets your care needs. Many seniors and also those who have injuries need special care and equipment in their day to day life. They may need wheelchair, walker or a good walking cane for mobility and going from one place to another.

Tips for those who want to take care of seniors

As the New Year approaches it is important to reflect on the year before and create an improved caregiving plan.  Here are some tips to prepare for the year to come:

Stay up to date on what’s current in healthcare, including laws (i.e. the Affordable Care Act), new medical devices, medicines, and treatment options. has a “Research” tab on its homepage dedicated entirely to advances in the health profession and is a great source for legal information.

Be sure you have respite care, or at least understand how to access it in the case of an emergency. There are many resources at the local and regional level. Also check out the ARCH National Respite Network.

Develop an emergency plan (if you haven’t already done so) to ensure the safety of your patient if you are unable to provide care. A comprehensive Google search will uncover many resources, including the National Association’s for Home Care and Hospice emergency preparedness packet.

Arm yourself with the right “tools,” including appropriate medications, no-rinse pre-packaged cleansing cloths to making bathing easier, and essentials like one-step barrier cream cloths to cleanse and protect the skin.

Daily assistance that many elders need

Elderly CareSeniors vary in terms of their physical, mental, and emotional needs; types and level of activity; levels of independence; and desires for their daily lives. Mobility is important to the elderly, even if it is just within their own surroundings. The daily living skills most affected by aging and chronic illnesses or disabilities include self-care activities that most people learn in early childhood and tend to take for granted as they mature. Practicing fall prevention. So it makes sense that the type and extent of daily assistance needed for people older than 65 can vary widely from person to person.

Make sure they are properly fitted for either a wheelchair, motorized mobility chair, walker or cane. These include basic survival tasks such as dressing, bathing, grooming, using the toilet, moving in and out of bed or a chair, and eating. Frailty can cause falls. Learning about the different types of assistance available to seniors will help you navigate the spectrum of living assistance—for you or a loved one. Install a wheelchair ramp, hand rails and wider door wells to make getting around the house hassle-free.

Occupational therapists can evaluate a home and its resident and recommend grab bars and other changes to improve safety. But it works the other way, too: falls can lead to frailty. The Activities of Daily Living are a series of basic activities performed by individuals on a daily basis necessary for independent living at home or in the community. A hospital bed, shower chair, lift or tripod bar may assist with getting up from bed or staying safe in the shower. They also help clients develop strength and skills, such as balance, so they can manage more of their daily activities.

If medications affect your balance or alertness, discuss a lower dose or different medicine with your physician. There are many variations on the definition of the activities of daily living but most organizations agree there are 5 basic categories. Studies show that visits from an OT help older people stay in their homes longer. Have your vision checked regularly. Clear your home of clutter and loose rugs or wires. Good lighting is essential; use night-lights in bathrooms, hallways, and, if needed, your bedroom. Wear flat-soled shoes or boots that grip. In bad weather, exercise indoors.

Walking Canes for seniors

Walking canes are designed to help people with mobility issues improve their balance and walk safely. The proper use for a cane is just to help maintain balance. Quad canes are types of canes that have three of four separate feet on their ends. A walking stick should be considered when a person is unable to maintain their balance on their own. There are dozens of canes available on the market today, but not all of them are created equal.

A cane should never be used for weight bearing or for full support of the body. These canes are very supportive, and offer the most support of any of the types of canes. Holding onto objects or depending on other people, even for certain activities, is an indication that a walking stick is necessary. People who hold onto furniture when waking at home usually benefit from using a cane. They are great for people who have severe walking issues, or who have muscle and joint diseases that prevent them from walking easily. A person who experiences repeated falls also needs to consider using a walking stick. Read More

Why You Should Use Inversion Table for Back Pain

It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life. If you have not experienced an aching back, the rest of salute and congratulate you, for you are among a very small minority. For the rest of us we must find a way to find relief for that nagging pain that is with us most of the time. It’s an unfortunate fact of modern life. If you have not experienced an aching back, the rest of salute and congratulate you, for you are among a very small minority. For the rest of us we must find a way to find relief for that nagging pain that is with us most of the time.

When you think of all the activities you’ve done over the years, you can see how this could cause a problem. The inversion table truly is an investment, and it’s one of the best investments you can make. How often do you really get to invest in yourself and your own health? There is no doubt about that. In this guide we will discuss the benefits of inversion table and how you can choose the best inversion table in UK.

Benefits of Inversion Table

There are many who take advantage of the inversion table as a quality fitness tool. It has been recognized as working wonders for a problematic back. Very convenient, it’s used right from your living quarters. This is a major advantage for many people.

  • Maintain height: By inverting regularly, you can avoid the “shrinking” other people your age are experiencing because of the inevitable effects of gravity over time.
  • Improve Blood Flow and Circulation: If your body is inverted, your body can circulate your blood with the help of gravity.
  • Stress Relief: Stretching your body feels great! You can eliminate a bunch of stress by inverting regularly. Many inversion table users report enhanced sleeping due to inversion therapy.
  • Be More Alert: Being upside down (or slightly inverted) will increase the flow of oxygen into your brain, which many health professionals believe can helps you be more sharp and alert.
  • Increases flexibility and range of motion: Inverting can also help you stretch those tight muscles that often get out of line and cause you pain in the back, neck, or legs.
  • Improves posture: You will also experience enhanced posture if you invert regularly

Best Inversion tables in UK

Choosing the best inversion table for back pain can be a daunting task. But don’t worry we have chosen the best inversion table that you can buy in 2018.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Therapy Table
Teether inversion table UKThe Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Therapy Table is a high quality piece of equipment that features a number of new and innovative features. It features an injection molded bed design with “Flex Technology” that allows the back rest to flex with your body as you stretch for greater mobility and a better range of motion. Another nice feature is the extended ankle grip security lever which is great for people that have trouble bending. The ankle clamps on the Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Therapy Table use a “comfort grip” ratcheting mechanism that allows you to fasten your feet without the need to bend all the way over. The Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 is constructed of heat-treated steel for added strength and corner feet on this unit increase the A frame base by 20% for added stability. This unit has a 300 pound weight capacity and the ability to accommodate people from 4’8″ to 6’6″ tall.

Ironman Gravity 2000 Inversion Table
ironman inversiont tableThe Ironman Gravity 2000 Inversion Table is a well constructed piece of equipment made with a tubular steel frame and a scratch resistant powder coated finish. The backrest is made of a heavy-duty nylon material that is not only extremely durable but also flexible and very comfortable. The Ironman Gravity 2000 Inversion Table also features ergonomically molded ankle cushions to reduce the amount of pressure on your feet. Read More

What You Need To Know About Shower Chair in 2018

If you saw a chair in the shower, you might think that someone in the household was very absent-minded. However, chairs designed specifically to be used in the shower have been proving their worth over the decades. As UK’s population ages, the popularity and prevalence of these chairs is increasing. The usefulness of using shower chairs cannot be overstated. By providing stability and safety in the shower, they offer a prolonged sense of independence for seniors and the disabled. By the same token, these chairs offer peace of mind to those who care about them. If you are looking to buy a best shower chair for elderly in UK, then continue reading this article.

On the practical side, a shower chairs can postpone – possibly indefinitely – the need for in-home care. With the price of a home-health aide averaging £20 per hour nationwide, the savings would be substantial over time. By the same token, they can also delay the need for the person to move to an assisted living facility, which cost $£2,000 per month on average. There is an expanding variety of shower chairs from which to choose. The needs of the person using the shower chair should determine the features of the chair. It should be comfortable, safe, durable and at the correct seating height. The degree of mobility of the chair will depend on the user’s needs.

Why Buy a Shower Chair For Elderly and Disabled People

The more inexpensive varieties are made from plastic, which is lightweight yet very strong and impervious to water. Some models of shower chairs are simply a large stool without a back. Other chairs fold or feature a seat that flips up for storage. If choosing a folding model, examine the locking mechanisms carefully to be sure that it locks securely into the open and closed positions.

Another option is a shower chair with a padded seat, which provides a higher level of comfort. The padding on the seat is wrapped with a substantial vinyl covering to make it waterproof. Another type of shower chair features wheels, which provide additional mobility. They are easier to move over the lip of a shower and also allow for effortless maneuvering inside the enclosure for the shower. On some of these wheeled varieties, the wheels stay outside the legs and have a device for locking them into place. On others, the wheels glide up inside the legs when weight is placed on the chair. This way the chair can be rolled into the shower and then the wheels disappear while it is being used for chair. The nonslip material on the bottom of the legs keeps the chair firmly in place while in use.

Shower chairs are available in a wide price range, starting at £50 and going up to several hundred pounds, depending on the types of features. This relatively simple and inexpensive device can be the answer to mobility and balance challenges facing more and more people today.

Best Shower Chair of 2018

Healthline Shower Wheelchair Review
best shower chair UKWith a capacity of up to 300 lbs, the Healthline Shower Wheelchair is suitable even for overweight persons with disabilities. Being 27.5” wide, this wheelchair will provide extra comfort to bigger individuals, thanks to its 17.75” internal width and to the 18.5” clearance, yet we recommend that you measure your doorways prior to purchasing it, to see if it fits inside your home. What we think makes the Healthline Shower Wheelchair a great buy, is the no-rust space age PVC, so easy to clean and disinfect. All bolts and screws are stainless steel, so they are corrosion-proof and very durable. The swing away arm on left side is one of the most useful features, as well as the independent action parking brakes. The rear wheels are all plastic, with rubber tread, providing a good grip on wet and slippery surfaces, while the front wheels are stainless steel, also covered with rubber tread, for increased durability. As optional elements, you can have a seat belt and a sliding footrest. We appreciate that the Healthline Shower Wheelchair fits over most commodes. Being made of the same high quality PVC Healthline use for all their similar products, we see this shower wheelchair as good value for money, at prices that go a bit over £300.

Drive Medical Shower Chair Review
A broad majority of the Nova Bath Seat’s users report being satisfied with their shower aid due to its solid feature set. This medical shower chair is suitable for disabled because it has a safety belt and snugly holds the patient in place when being bathed. For those who experience difficulty with mobility in the bathroom, the Platinum Health PHS3000 provides the necessary level of support and comfort. This shower bench mounts directly to a wall with stainless steel brackets set sixteen inches on center. It is durable, safe and comfortable to use on account of its backrest and padded arms.

The bench is light and very comfortable to use. Its swiveling action allows it to rotate with minimal effort, while the padded back and base are gentle and supportive. It’s ideal for use inside or outside of showers, and in saunas, steam rooms, and pool houses. It sits on a strong and lightweight aluminum frame with non-skid rubber tips to keep it in place. The shower bench has a light construction of aluminum and plastic, while rubber-covered feet are angled and make it sturdy.

The Eagle Healthcare 77762 is designed as a sliding transfer bench that allows for easy entry and exit, thanks to its swiveling action and ability to lock in place at every 90-degree angle. Sturdy and functional, it can be mounted inside or outside the shower, and it folds away using low-pressure spring action brackets when not needed. The height of the seat can be quickly adjusted from 16 to 21 inches. With its compact form, this chair can be stored easily. Its frame is made with high-strength aluminum tubing.

Advantages of shower chairs with backrest

Do you ever feel afraid of taking a bath or shower? The biggest reason why people decide to get a shower chair in the first place is to ensure safety in the shower. This takes away the embarrassment of having to ask somebody else for assistance while you take a bath. nother drawback has to do with the shape of a shower chair, is prepared. The possibility of falling is most likely on your mind and a shower chair or bath chair can help put your mind at ease.

  • Using a shower chair means you no longer have to stand on unsteady feet while you take a shower.
  • Having someone watching you while you bathe or worse, bathing you himself, can take away much of your dignity.
  • For example, some shower chairs that can come with a wire transfer require some violin during the execution of the transfer of the chair in the bathtub.
  • Using a shower chair or bath chair helps to increase safety by decreasing the chance of you falling by providing a secure area in a slippery shower or bath.
  • You can simply sit on the shower chair and bathe as you normally do, without worrying about slipping on the wet bathroom floor.

A shower chair can help you retain your dignity by allowing you to take a shower without someone else’s assistance. This can be a little uncomfortable and can cause a decrease in risk. Shower Chairs and Bath chairs are especially useful for those that are in wheelchairs, the elderly, or anyone who finds excessive movement painful or difficult. Shower chair minimizes direct contacts with wet floor so that we might keep our body clean. In short, it is natural to take the ability to use the toilet or take a shower for granted, unless the privileges have been stripped away by disease and illness.
Of course, there are precautions you can take to minimize these problems. If you are sitting while in the shower, your legs won’t get tired. In case we are travelling and we end up in a random hotel, and we are not sure of the hygiene of the bathroom, we can just pack our shower chair and use it to get a clean comfortable shower. When a caregiver becomes necessary, it definitely helps to have the assistive aid necessary to make personal care a little easier. Shower seats are very useful during times or injury or pain.

That gives you the time to enjoy all the benefits of a shower. Perhaps you have sprained your ankle and find it difficult to stand for an extended period of time. For example, by using an adjustable shower head you can have a steady, pulsating, or massage-like stream of water. If you suffer from other types of disabilities, such as chronic back pain, shower seats can allow you to experience the benefits of hot water for an extended period of time. And if the shower head is detachable, you can move that flow wherever you want on your body.