Easy Tips To Unclog Toilet and Bathtub Using Toilet Plunger

One thing that can become an irritation in any household is when the drain of your bathtub or toilet is not draining properly. On many occasions, people will try to throw any type of drain cleaner in because they do not really know how to unclog a bathtub drain. If you want to know how to unclog a bathtub drain successfully, it is vitally important that you find out what is clogging it. So many things can be the cause of your bathtub problem and if you are just going to throw in any chemicals that you can find you might end up making the problem worse. For unclogging a toilet, the easiest way is to buy a best toilet plunger of 2018. One of the advantages of having a toilet plunger is that it makes cleaning much easier and also cheap.

Not only is this problem an irritation but it is something that can become very unhygienic.  To ensure that your family is safe from all these germs you need to take the necessary precautions and learn on how to unclog a bathtub drain without running the risk of harming anyone in your family.  One of the first steps that you can follow, on how to unclog a bathtub drain, is to try and physically remove the objects that is blocking your drain. If you cannot find anything, it means that the blockage is much deeper and you will have to try other methods.

Unclogging toilet with plungerThe moment when you realize that there is something wrong with your drain, you should do something about it.  Do not wait until it cannot drain anymore because then your skills on how to unclog a bathtub drain yourself is not going to work.  You will then have to get a professional in which will cost you a great deal of money.  If you want to know how to unclog a bathtub drain in the beginning stages all you need to do is to use a coat hanger, bend it a little and try to remove the obstruction this way.

Something else that you can learn with how to unclog a bathtub drain is to look if the drain has a stopper.  It is not difficult to remove the stopper. All you have to do is to unscrew the stopper and carefully remove it from the drain.  You might be able to remove most of the debris this way.  Be careful that when you have children it is easy for small toys or other items to go down your drain, which might block it as well.  Now that you know how to unclog a bathtub drain, you can save buckets full of money.

Steps to take to unclog your toilet with a toilet plunger

The first step in unclogging your toilet is to find out who used it last and what was flushed. Don’t assume that they are telling the truth either! If you have kids, you know exactly what I mean. Usually in my house, Mr. Not Me is the culprit. Wish I new where that guy was hiding! He always leaves the toilet seat up, never flushes, and when he does use the toilet handle, he flushes all sorts of weird stuff!

Step 1
Supplies Needed to unclog your toilet:

  • Towels
  • Cup
  • Bucket
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Toilet Plunger

Step 2
Put rubber gloves on and scoop the excess water out with the cup into the bucket leaving enough water in the toilet to ensure the plunger seals inside the toilet bowl. Once you have a good seal, “Plunge” the plunger about 15-20 times. If you did a good job, when you remove the plunger, any water or debris left in the toilet bowl should be sucked down the drain.

Step 3
Flush the now unclogged toilet a couple time to make sure everything is growing down the drain nice and smooth. Now would be a good time to flush the contents in the bucket. If the plunging method fails to unclog your toilet, please do not put harmful chemicals down the drain. ALL CHEMICALS damage our environment not matter the quantity used.

How To Unclog Your Drain With Household Items

Now and then the inside of your drain pipes will get clogged with grease, hair, and other nasty stuff. Here is a sure fire way to get rid of that blockage using a chemical free solution. The three ingredients are Baking Soda, Vinegar, and Hot Hot Water.

This method only works if you have a slow to empty drain. When all the water has drained from your sink or bathtub, pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drain hole, then pour in the vinegar. Plug the drain hole with a wet towel and let it do its work for about 15 minutes. Remove towel from drain and immediately pour some Very Hot water down the drain. Hopefully this will clear the clogged drain. If not, repeat the steps above but use a plunger before starting again. This will help loosen the blockage and let the baking soda and vinegar get further down into the clogged area.

  • Step 1
    With your auger in hand, insert the “auger” end into your drain pipe. Feed it slowly down your waste line until you feel anything abnormal. The slightest snag could be the clog you’re looking for. At this point spin the handle clockwise several times over and advance it further into the pipe as you go.
  • Step 2
    After you’ve advanced the plumbing snake cable about a foot, start pushing it further in by hand until you feel anything abnormal again. Repeat turning the handle clockwise. Continue this procedure until you’ve run completely out of cable inside your sink auger. Then begin to wind the handle counter clockwise until the cable is completely rewound inside the auger drum.
  • Step 3
    Fasten your trap back in place, test for leaks and let the water run until your satisfied your clogged drain is now free flowing. If using a drain auger has failed, Please DO NOT use chemicals. If you’ve already used chemicals and both of these methods have failed you may have a collapsed drain instead. After all there does come a time when plumbing may get to technical or dirty, that’s when you truly need a plumber.

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