Senior Citizen Success Story

This was created after seeing all the things that my grandmother, grandfather, and parents have had to go through while being a senior citizen. I often write on topics that include helping senior citizens financially and in their daily lives so that they can live more comfortable while making plans for their retirement. If you are already retired or are getting close to retirement, stick around ther is information that will be included in this lens that will help you out also.

Senior citizens will often find themselves trying to make ends meet on a budget that was set for them after they retired. They will often find themselves going into debt and not knowing what to do about it. When a senior citizen is on a fixed income, they are not financially able to pay for a lot of necessities and a few wants.

I have a lot of elderly people from one of the other sites that I work for, ask me if I knew of any ways for them to stretch their wallet to to make their income a little bigger. I don’t want to list ways that will cause their monthly social security checks to be cut off, so I came up with a few ways for them to make money without causing any strain in their income.


This one is a great way for senior citizens to make money from home. You can write for companies like Associated Content or smaller companies like Helium. These are both online companies that will pay you to write for them.

My favorite one out of these two is Associated Content, which is where I am writing this article at. Associated Content is the easiest place that I have found to write online. They will allow you to write about almost anything and will pay you for each article that is submitted after it is approved. If you are worried about writing and making enough money that your check gets shut off, just don’t go over $600 per year.

Associated Content requires that you submit your tax information once your reach this amount so that they can turn it into the IRS. I know of a lot of families that write for them part time and will not write over $600 per year because of this.

Selling crochet items:

My grandmother did not have enough money to pay her car payment one month and instead of asking the family for money, she crocheted items such as blankets and pot holders. She sold a lot of them that month and made more than enough to make her payment. Crocheting is a great way for senior citizens to make a little extra cash and not have to worry about the IRS getting involved.

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